3 Simple Steps to Order Your Translation


Do You Need a Translation Service?

If you are looking for accurate and detail-oriented translation from English to French, I can be the right provider.

I am a French native with a master's degree in translation and years of experience in the translation industry.

Strengthened by a professional brackground at different positions in several companies before being a translator, I am versatile with wide knowledge.

Today, my expertise includes a wide range of freelance translating services including document translation, website translation, marketing translation (I worked as a sales manager assistant), business translation (among which real estate).

I am particularly specialized in legal translation as I have a postgraduate diploma in French Business Law and I worked as a legal assistant for years.
I also attended a seminar for French professional translators on legal translation.
I can also provide editing and proofreading services.

I do my best to meet my customers' needs by staying flexible and always being resourceful and cooperative from the start to finish of every contract.
You can rely on my conduct as a professional in every sense of the word.

I perform the translation without resorting to subcontractors. 

I wish we could work together in a long-term partnership.

Feel free to contact me today for more information about the services I provide, or let  me know your needs for your translation project and I will respond shortly.